amaSTAR Children Talent Show

amaSTAR project is an independent community interest holiday season talent show, created by Dazzlin PR innovative director Daizy ‘Fini with a mission to build a brighter future for young people through singing, dancing competition, quiz and edutainment activities.

We are focused on creating a world-leading singing, dancing competition, fashion show and edutainment activities that reach, inspires and engages all young people in our community.

As an independent community interest based group it is our goal to reach out to as many young people as possible. We feel that it is time to empower our young ones through a community event like this that will give them an opportunity to discover their gifted talent and an opportunity to keep them engaged during the holiday season.

We believe such a centre would not only make good networking sense for both the young people and their parents but would send a message to youth that they were catered for and valued in the community.

“Our mission” is to put children, young people and family first, and to encourage, guide and shape the youth of our community because they are “STARS” and our future leaders.


amaSTAR……We Don’t Stop Believing!