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Dazzlin PR is about the way your business relates not only to the public, but also to the media, your customers, and your employees. The perceptions all of these audiences have about your products and services are connected, combining to form the general view of your company. That’s why it’s important to work with professionals who consider every facet of your business as a PR opportunity. We offer a fresh approach to branding, marketing, and advertising, and will show you how to yield beneficial and lasting relationships in all your promotional efforts.  

Our Work

  • Wedding Planning & Management       
  • Celebrity & Model Management      
  • Event Planning & Management      
  • Entertainment Consulting       
  • Branding & Marketing     
  • Artist  Management       
  • Media Outreach      
  • Product Launch
  • Advertisement  
  • Campaigns

We’re passionate about public relations at Dazzlin PR and we have that rare combination of adrenalin and drive that’s required in an industry where results can’t be controlled or purchased. Dazzlin PR has its own doing it right brand of sincere customer service, elite writing and intelligent relationship management skills. That’s in combination with deep market knowledge. We welcome being invited in to discussions early so that our creative ideas and public relations strategies have the potential for the highest impact.

We’ve got that instantly ignitable spark that spews creative public relations thinking in a responsive, high-energy way that makes sense. Often that means building in the BIG ideas and bells and whistles that lead to media interest. But we also creatively mastermind programs that connect clients with their key audiences and motivate those audiences to act in desired ways.


Dazzlin PR has a sharp antenna for picking up on clients’ needs and interests. We stay focused on business goals while running tight projects for which we take total responsibility. We pride ourselves on our relentless customer service posture and polished reporting.

 Local Market Intelligence

Our proprietary media database is second to none for its ability to stay on top of local media and share market intelligence and the status of media relations projects with clients and staff instantly.